Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now the dust has settled.

Sigh! A frost and the early morning temp settled around -8 degrees C brings me back down out of 'away from home mode'. Still the buzzing is there...the excitement of possibility.

My memory of school really isn't that much different from my experience of school as a teacher. The heirarchy is still there, the notion that conformity is valued is still there and the inequity within and between schools is most definitely there.

I went to a private school in Sydney and it was considered to be quite prestigious. How it could be prestigious when there were no boys there seemed to me to be a mystery, but that's what people said.

I didn't like the one-size fits all notion then and I hate it now. I think stories, from teachers, support staff, administators and students is one area where the inequities that seem inherent in institutions like schools can begin to be broken down.

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