Saturday, July 26, 2008

New webquest - still under construction.

The image above comes from Shaun Tan's book The Red Tree and it is called 'Nobody understands me'.

I've been working on a new webquest for NSW HSC English students for 2009. It is based on the Area of Study, Belonging. It is still in the process of being constructed but any feedback would be appreciated. The webquest is called How do we belong? Representations of Belonging. It is based on the concept of belonging but includes exercises on visual analysis and the construction of digital narratives for the purpose of assessment in the Senior English classroom.

It uses four of Shaun Tan's texts as stimulus including The Arrival, The Red Tree, The Lost Thing and Tales from Outer Suburbia. The major assessment task, within the webquest, requires students to create a digital narrative about the ways they feel like they belong, using images, video, sounds and of course their own stories.

Check it out and drop me a line and let me know what you think about it.


Unknown said...

Hey, the WQ is looking good, I've got my english trials this week and it's already helped me out :)

Unknown said...

Oh! Also, the images on your photobucket account were excellent. I particularly liked the Uniformity and Alientation images right next to one another.

marnie. said...

what is the name of the image up the top. or the composer ?