Sunday, July 13, 2008 for something completely different, ad break for next year's work.

This is a very brief look at one way PowerPoint and iMovie can be used to construct quick and easy resources for the classroom.

Note embedded within the ppt are some terms for developing visual grammar as well as ideas that might assist conceptual understanding of belonging.

It looks a bit small; for advertising that's okay, but you get the general idea... I hope!

There is a pathfinder attached to this blog where I'm collecting resources for the Higher School Certificate 2009, Area of Study, BELONGING

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
this is so exciting. I loved seeing the video of your team; so sorry not to have got to the presentation. This is a wonderful resource. Would we be able to show it to our English students (and others on the Summer School team)?
Congratulations. Love the links to Capture Wales, and your sampler video on the painting - lots of possibilities here.