Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pulling it together

I've been creating (a bit like a maniac) a range of different resources for teachers and students for 2009 HSC Area of Study Belonging. You can access the links in the dot pointed bits below:

* a Webquest using Shaun Tan's picture books and other stuff,
* a pathfinder (resources include YouTube ones - so if your school doesn't allow access to YouTube the videos include Bra Boys Trailer, We are One - Telstra Advertisement, a show from SBS on Sudanese immigrants in Australia, the opening sequence of Friends and some others,
* a link to some Google Docs presentations and teaching resource I've been working on. The teaching resource is the one below so don't waste your time checking out the link if you're already looked at the Analysis of Bra Boys Trailer.

Check out Google Docs - they provide a great way to collaborate using online documents.

If anyone does use the resources: I'd like feedback to see if they have proved useful to English teachers out there. Cheers.

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